In September 2018, Family Health International 360 (FHI 360) launched the Youth Lead Activity in Zambia with support from the United Agency for International Development (USAID).  The goal of this three-year programme is to support, network, and elevate outstanding young leaders from across Zambia to amplify the impact of their work, inspire civic innovation and promote a culture of sustained citizen-responsive leadership. The project has two interrelated objectives:

1) Build youth’s civic engagement skills through a 6-months training and internship programme that culminates into youth-led projects; and

2) Strengthen institutional capacity by establishing structures and systems for engaging youth as leaders in government agencies, non-profit organisations, and private businesses.

On March 21st 2019, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development acknowledged the intended collaboration between the NYDC and FHI 360, and supported their joint initiatives on the Youth Lead Activity Programme. The established Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the NYDC and FHI 360 documents the framework within which definite roles would jointly be developed and implemented, and narrates their respective responsibilities in order to achieve the goal and objectives of Youth Lead Activity.

Since March 2019, the Youth Lead Project has successfully placed a total of 287 interns with various host organisations within Lusaka. 30 Capstone Projects have been developed by the interns whilst working with various communities to address various community issues in the areas of health, women’s rights and governance. 25 interns have transitioned into fulltime employment in their host organisations and 3 of the Capstone Projects have been formalised into social enterprises.

The NYDC and FHI 360 are once more glad to welcome to the Programme a total of 97 interns from Cohorts six (6) and seven (7) that successfully made it passed the online application process and interviews. For six (6) months commencing October and November respectively, the young men and women will have the opportunity to be attached to organisations/companies that match their qualifications and skills. Interestingly, the interns will be split into the thematic groups of governance, health and women’s rights. It is in these groups that the interns will invoke their creative minds and leadership traits to develop community-based projects that solve societal problems.

We are very excited for both Cohorts 6 and 7, and do wish them the very best!

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