Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa – Dawa Clinic Co-founder

By Chibwe Akombelwa,

Youth Lead Communications Intern (FHI360).

Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa is a 25-year-old Youth Innovator and Medical student at the Cavendish University of Zambia.

Along with his friend Chungu Chama, a Computer Science student from the University of Zambia (UNZA), they Co-founded Dawa Clinic; a digital health platform reshaping access to maternal health for pregnant and nursing mothers. They created a week-on-week advisory mobile app that guides pregnant women throughout their pregnancy till delivery.

Dawa Clinic is an award winning health-tech based company in Zambia. In 2019, it won Best Newcomer and Brave Founder Beginnings from Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASAwards). Recently, it won 2nd prize for the ZICTA ICT Programme and 1st prize the Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS2) Programme Zambia. Dawa Clinic will be representing Zambia at the regional finals against other Southern Africa countries in November 2020.

The DawaMom App is available in English and Zambian local languages (Bemba and Nyanja). The App works with a self-monitoring kit that empowers mothers to receive remote maternal health. Through the App, mothers are able to monitor parameters like blood pressure, Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), blood sugar levels, and other pregnancy-related complications. The information is wired remotely to a doctor for early intervention in case of any complications.

Tafadzwa was inspired to create DawaMom by a cousin of his who got pregnant and had trouble accessing quality antenatal care during her pregnancy. He stated, “When we did our research, we were shocked to know that only 29% of mothers in Zambia have access to good quality antenatal care and more than 1,000 mothers die annually from preventable pregnancy complications.”

Youth empowerment to Tafadazwa means giving young people a chance so that they can contribute to our communities. “It is listening and supporting our youth instead of being ridiculed due to our age. We are the future of Africa and we need the mentorship to nurture us into the leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

Five (5) years forward, Dawa Clinic wants to be the health platform of choice for mothers in Southern Africa. The company plans to start in Zambia, Eastern Province then expand throughout the country. Currently, Dawa Clinic has already registered in Zimbabwe and is looking to start operations in 2021.

To stay up to date with Dawa Clinic and to get in touch with them, follow the links below:

Website: www.dawa-health.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawahealth

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dawa_health

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dawa_health

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