Mwaba Mwila – Tourism Champion with a Heart for Community Development

With a humble academic foundation in Outdoor Education, we introduce you to Mwaba Mutanekelwa Mwila. The 31-year-old Founder and Managing Director of Mwaba Mwila Adventures is a Zambian youth who has taken an unconventional yet intriguing approach to community leadership and promotion of Zambia’s tourism sector.  

Mwaba has since 2012 occupied various leadership roles representing young people in local, regional and global capacities. His most notable role has been to be elected into the International Council of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in South Korea. Mwaba served in this capacity from 2014 – 2017 in an international Council that was chaired by His Royal Highness of the British Monarchy, Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex. He is still currently serving as a Board Member of the National Training Panel under the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

He has also scored accolades by conducting Award Leader, Assessor and Supervisory training to Award leaders in Zambia, Malawi and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for two consecutive years. Mwaba additionally has received recognition as a Global Youth Ambassador by A World at School. This is a USA-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that accelerates progress in education through designing networks that help more children go to school.

Armed with a passion for nature and the wild, Mwaba has spent the last seven (7) years honing his career in non-formal education by also developing his life and outdoor survival skills. Why the unusual interest in Outdoor Education? Mwaba whilst a teenager grew a burning sensation to develop character-building programmes which are tailor designed to assist young people discover themselves, learn how to relate with others and encourage them to explore and understand the environment around them. Consequently, Mwaba Mwila Adventures is an online blog focused on showcasing Zambia’s beauty by highlighting our country’s lesser-known destinations and heritage sites.

Mwaba proudly lifting the Zambian flag on the summit of Mt. Mumpu Welume in Mkushi

His expeditions have blessed him with the opportunity to be welcomed by loving communities and resultantly being exposed to the change needed in these communities. This further led to the realisation of the immense potential possessed by Zambia’s tourism industry, especially rural areas. The birth of his online enterprise entailed him and his friends undertaking a two-day hike from Leopards Hill Bat Caves in Lusaka over the Zambezi escarpment and into the lower Zambezi Valley, to raise awareness for domestic tourism. Mwaba at this point put his leadership roles into practice by mobilising a crowdfunding initiative aimed at supporting Kanyangala Primary Social situated at the base of the escarpment. To date, they have raised K10,000 for renovations and launched an income-generating Goat Rearing Project for the school.

Mwila helps a child pump water deep in Mwachisakulo vilage, Kafue.

As a result of his adventures in rural areas of Mkushi District, Mwaba identified the need to diversify the economy of both Mkushi and the country as a whole. He explains that, “Although I am not currently active in political matters, I have always considered myself a leader. Given the chance, I would love to serve my country and hold public office in my constituency of Mkushi North. Mkushi is known for being the Agricultural hub of the nation, but it has much more to offer in terms of tourism as well.”  Next year he hopes to expand his services from being just an online blog to offering specialised services in camping, hiking and backpacking throughout Zambia!

To stay up to date with Mwaba and the future of Mwaba Mwila Adventures, follow his Facebook page on:

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