Arnold Nyendwa – The Innovative Governor Blending Technology with Leadership

We wrap up our October publication of Youth Governors with the innovative Mr. Arnold Nyendwa. He was born and bred in Petauke, Eastern Province and proceeded to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies at Mulungushi University in Kabwe. Arnold is a vibrant multi-award-winning 23-year-old inventor, entrepreneur and the first Zambian to pioneer a Stainless Steel Technology Company in the country, called Venturas Jumpstart Ltd.

This observant youth, amongst many inventions, invented a revolutionary stove that was inspired by people living in marginalised communities. He was concerned about respiratory diseases such as asthma developed by people after years of using charcoal and wooden cooking devices. The frequency of load-shedding also influenced his stove invention which performs eight (8) functions thereby, making it multifunctional and cost-effective. The stove allows a user to cook, bake, fry, roast, dry, braai, smoke and warm food items. It interestingly spoils the user with three (3) energy sources to pick from: electricity, gas and fuel. Venturas hopes to soon begin exporting the product.

From start to finish: the Juvin Stainless Stove.


Arnold has this year already bagged three (3) awards. The first being the ‘National Winner’ of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award. This is an award contest for students that own and manage a business whilst at university. The second being the prestigious international Mwape Peer Awards for which he was recognised as the most ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’. This was an Award Ceremony held in New York, USA and Arnold beat strong competition in a total of 50 finalists worldwide! The latest is the Citibank Micro-entrepreneurship Awards (CMA) in which he emerged as the ‘2020 CMA Resilient Youth’.

Arnold posing with delegates after receiving the 2018 International Stainless Steel Award in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Having been exposed to global opportunities alongside problems faced by our local communities, Arnold believes one need not join mainstream politics in order to drive change in society, “I believe technology and leadership can co-exist because technology is change in itself. With my qualification in Development Studies, I’m working on setting up a Consultancy Firm that blends technology with governance to empower youths with innovative knowledge which they will use to develop Zambia. This is the type of leadership I believe in”, he said.

Arnold plans to give back to Petauke by sharing his story to inspire young people from ‘grass to grace’. He’s also mulling over a project to construct camps around the country where free education, food and skills training will be provided to orphans and widows.

The innovative governor advises other youth in the country to start at foundational level; looking at where we are coming from as a country, looking at the culture and the past era when our parents were not able to own companies. “It is important to look into things that can challenge you to do better and think outside the box. We should be able to endure everything that comes our way. It is making tough decisions and having the persistence to succeed in life”, said Arnold. 

Stay abreast with Arnold’s inventions and community projects by following him on:

Facebook: Venturas Jumpstart Zambia Limited

Instagram: @arnoldtheinventor

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